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Embellished Melodies - No Accompaniment Needed
Playable on any instrument (tranpose as neccessary).

Click "MP3" to listen.  Option-click or right-click "MusicXLM" to download music notation files.
Music notation software needed to open MusicXLM (music notation) files :
(Download Finale Reader (music notation software), free, at  http://www.finalemusic.com/reader/default.aspx)
Image files provide a choice of keys and clefs that should work for most instruments.

"The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise" MP3 for listening.   MusicXLM for notation & transposition.

"America (God Save The King)"       MP3 for listening.   MusicXML  for notation & transposition.

# 1 "After You've Gone"                    
MP3 for listening.   MusicXLM for notation & transposition. 
                                                      Saxophone           Trumpet           Trombone

"America The Beautiful"                 MP3 for listening.  MusicXML for notation & transposition.

"Old Acquaintance"        MP3 for listening.  MusicXLM for notation & transposition.    

"Too Close For Comfort"    MP3 for listening       MusicXML for notation & transposition

                                                       ....more to come


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